Pile Integrity Testing – PIT

Pile Integrity Testing – PIT

PIT measurements

The PIT-method is a relatively simple and cost effective method to check the quality of especially pile types that are cast in-situ, but the method is also applicable for  checking driven piles, as long as the pile material is elastic.

cp test a/s offers PIT measurements as a quality assurance, where the result can be used in context with design requirements as well as in combination with other tests performed.

PIT provides information about:

  • Pile length
  • The continuity of the pile – e. g. if the cross section is changed (enlarged/diminished) or if cracks appear
  • Changes in elastic properties of the pile (material quality)
  • Distance to probable defects in the pile
  • Estimation of the amount of defects
  • Does NOT give information on bearing capacities.

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