Photo Registration of Buildings

Photo Registration of Buildings

Photo Registration of Buildings

Before startup of primarily construction projects that can cause vibrations to buildings, demands are often presented that buildings affected by vibrations must be checked for existing cracks and minor/

major damages.

To accommodate these demands, a series of photos are taken of the exteriour of the buildings in question. These are collected and registered in an electronic report for use in case of complaints due to damages and ultimately in court.

cp test a/s has developed a visualisation tool where location of photos is quick and simply in order to ease the process in case of disputes.

Phote registration can be combined with crack monitoring to document the state of existing cracks during construction.

cp test a/s applies a high resolution camera and a photo-drone for use at heights.

Photo Registration provides information about:

  • The condition of buildings regarding cracks and damages before startup of construction projects and other vibration inducing projects.
  • Size and development of existing cracks in combination with crack monitoring

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