Structural Vibrations

Structural Vibrations

Structural Vibrations – prognosis/risk analysis, measurement and monitoring

cp test a/s has more than 30 years of experience measuring vibrations applied to buildings and other structures, and we a large number of instruments in Denmark, making us able to lift very large jobs.

Our instruments are front line equipment, and we get instruments developed to us exclusively.

For instance, we have had a warning developed system based on radio signals that warns if a specific limit value is about to be exceeded.

cp test a/s performs hundreds of jobs with measurement of building vibrations each year.

Building Vibrations provide information about:

  • The oscillated velocity in mm/s in three directions, and the frequency at which the velocities are registered.
  • Combining velocities and frequencies you can, according to DIN-4150, see if the limit value is exceeded.


Contact our experts for further information:

Henrik Møllemand

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Rune Tranborg Tuxen

Principal engineer
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